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The Big Debate 2017

Well done to Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School who have won our Big Debate event last night.

Academy@Worden came a close second, with Tarleton Academy and Fulwood Academy also making some great arguments. Runshaw Government and Politics students  Rebecca Morrison, Ryan Hoey, Ellit Pledger, Georgina Boyle and George Turner chaired the debates and judged the arguments. and had great difficulty deciding between teams as the standard was so high.

Debate topics included whether university education should be free, Britain post-Brexit, advertising, and if homework is a waste of time and effort.

What Happens at The Big Debate?

Each debater is allowed 3 minutes to make their opening presentation. Presentations alternate between the two teams, beginning with the first student arguing for the motion. The judges then pose questions to each team in turn, with the time split evenly between the two teams. The purpose of the judges’ questions is to push debaters to go further in their arguments, to substantiate their statements and demonstrate a more complex and sophisticated grasp of the debate and key issues at stake.

Each debater is then allowed one minute to sum up, before feedback and comments is given by the judges. Constructive feedback is given to each team in turn, before the judges reach a consensus decision on the winner. The judges’ decision is final!


Debate A: “University education should be free”
Tarleton FOR vs Tauheedul AGAINST – Winner: Tauheedul

Debate B: “Advertising, in any form, is harmful”
Academy@Worden FOR vs Fulwood AGAINST – Winner: Academy@Worden

Runners Up

Debate C: “Homework is a waste of time and effort and should be phased out”
Tarleton FOR vs Fulwood AGAINST – Winner: Tarleton


Debate D: “Britain will prosper post-Brexit”
Tauheedul FOR vs Academy@Worden AGAINST – Winner: Tauheedul

The Big Debate 2017 Winners

Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School – will they be able to successfully defend the title in 2018? Join us next March to find out!

Many thanks to all who participated to our always thought-provoking evening!