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Social Science and Humanities Trip to Krakow

A group of 39 Social Science and Humanities students visited Krakow earlier this month. During the 4-day trip, students took part in a variety of excursions including a trip to Auschwitz concentration camp, where they furthered their knowledge of the horrendous experience of Jewish people and other persecuted minorities during the Second World War.

On a trip to the Salt Mines, students witnessed an awe-inspiring undergrown churches and sculptures while snaking their way through miles of underground tunnels. They also visited Schindler’s factory, contextualising the sad yet uplifting story of the survival and endurance of many people during the Nazi regime, which our students had previously watched and read about.

In addition to historical and cultural experiences, we all enjoyed our free time to experience Polish food and culture, whilst sightseeing in Krakow, in a beautiful and snowy climate.