Useful resources for Year 11 students

3D Design (A Level)

Please watch: George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.
Please watch this year’s Great Pottery Throwdown.
Get a 30 day free trial to this 3D Drawing Software.
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Watch Grayson’s Art Club on Channel 4 every Monday at 8pm or catch up on More 4.

If you want to start designing…

Design challenge 1. If you are interested in interior design; check out ‘Elle decoration’ online magazine, 26 of their favourite designers were asked to create either a favourite or fantasy lockdown room. Take a tour and then have a go yourself. Show your interior design, styling and presentation skills in creating your ideal ‘lockdown room’.

Design challenge 2. If you are interested in furniture design and would like to try making a cardboard chair then click here.

Design challenge 3. Using the Bel Air armchair designed during the post modern design movement in 1982 by Peter Shire. Visit the V&A website. Use tracing paper to sketch an outline of this iconic armchair design. Then use further sheets to retrace the form and then play around with this shape by moving, rotating and morphing it on the page as a basis to form other designs for products, buildings or furniture.

Check out interviews with designers at the Virtual Design Festival here.

If you are interested in architecture…

Catch up on More4 with Kevin McCloud and Grand Designs and check out the monthly magazine here.

See inside the luxury two swimming pool house here.

See the 15 Most Incredible Homes in the World here.

For wider reading, subscribe to free online magazines for weekly articles on contemporary design and architecture:

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