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Art & Design (UAL Level 3)

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Interested in creating some Digital Image Making work?

Your set theme is


• the characteristics of a person, a unique personal look and a collection of personal objects determining who or what a person is: 

Tasks –

  • Use a Smartphone or Digital Camera, in Landscape format to create your self-portrait !
  • These colour shots can be taken inside or outside !
  • Gather 10 objects or personal items that define you and your individual identity ?
  • Use this google images link, created by photographer Jason Travis, to inspire the look of your own creative self-portrait !
  • Creatively put together your self-portrait and your personal objects shot in the style of Jason Travis
  • Review your self-portrait, explaining what this portrait, and these personal items say about YOU and YOUR IDENTITY !

I would love to see your digital image making skills, so please send your completed IDENTITY self-portrait photograph to me at;

I look forward to seeing your work! Darren Brown, Teacher of Digital Image Making (UAL Art & Design)

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Watch The Great British Sewing Bee every Wednesday on BBC1 at  9pm or catch up on iplayer and Grayson’s Art Club on Channel 4 every Monday at 8pm or catch up on More 4.

Photo of an Art Show