Useful resources for Year 11 students

Dance (A Level)

In first year A level we study the set work Rooster. Here is a resource pack to get you started.  We will cover the analysis in detail in lesson picking out specific moments for you to discuss in your written exam.  All the sections from Christopher Bruce’s ‘Rooster’ are available on YouTube.
For your practical exam you will be asked to perform a solo in the style of a practitioner. This clip is very enjoyable and this is the music we use for our solo in the style of Bob Fosse.
Another practitioner we study is Richard Alston.  Here is an example of some of his work for you to look at.
Our final practitioner for the solo work is Christopher Bruce.  Here is the solo ‘Ruby Tuesday’ for you to watch and enjoy.
Check out Rambert Dance Company as a great example of creative cutting edge dance.

Below is a video montage of A-Level Dance students performing in last November’s dance show The Beat Goes On.