The application route for this course depends on whether you would like to study full time or part time.

Part time course

If you are interested in applying for the part time course, please complete the application form below.

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Full time course

The application route for a full time course is via UCAS.

Please make a note of the appropriate codes from the list below and visit UCAS to apply.

Course Name UCAS Code Institution Code Name Institution Code Short Form of Course
HND in Mechanical Engineering M257 RUNSH R88  HND/ME
Foundation Degrees   
Business Foundation Degree (FdA) B258 RUNSH R88  FD/BUS
Children, Young People & Their Services Foundation Degree (FdA) Y3P7 RUNSH R88  FD/CYPS
Computer Aided Engineering Foundation Degree (FdEng) CA78 RUNSH R88  FD/CAE
Computer Games Development Foundation Degree (FdSc) CG28 RUNSH R88  FD/CGD
Computer Technology Foundation Degree (FdSc) CT68 RUNSH R88  FD/CTech
Computing Foundation Degree (FdSc) CS23 RUNSH R88  FD/Comp
Criminology & Criminal Justice Foundation Degree (FdA) CJ57 RUNSH  R88  FD/CCJ
Graphic Design Foundation Degree (FdA) GD26 RUNSH  R88  FD/GD
Public Services, Prisons & Law Enforcement Foundation Degree (FdA) P7S9 RUNSH  R88  FD/PSLE
Sport & Exercise Science Foundation Degree (FdSc) SP46 RUNSH  R88  FD/SES
Sports Coaching Foundation Degree (FdA) SC36 RUNSH  R88  FD/SC
Tourism & Events Management Foundation Degree (FdA) T256 RUNSH  R88  FD/TEM