Useful resources for Year 11 students

Drama & Theatre Studies (A Level)

There are lots of Frantic Assembly videos online that will help inspire you. If you have someone in your household to perform with, perhaps look at this video, which shows how to effectively develop routines such as ‘Hymn Hands’ and ‘Chair Duets’.

Recording something at home can feel daunting, but we would love to see either a written ode, or a filmed performance of it!

If you wanted any further activities on devising, here are another few useful sites. This link has various lesson ideas connected to devising – we use these ideas in our lessons such as using photos or poems as a stimulus. We also cover styles of devising such as verbatim theatre which is also mentioned.

This next link has a video where you can see how valuable certain drama games/exercises can be when devising – they physically create objects called ‘body as prop’ as a group – they use stories and images to help create material.

The set text studied on the first year of A Level is Sophocles’ Antigone. Researching background information surrounding Greek theatre would be very beneficial for contextual understanding.

We are excited to begin a fresh term in September, but know that this period of time is an anxious one, and you might feel a bit uncertain about what your classes might be like. If you want to discuss any worries, ask questions about the course, or give your responses to any of the above activities, please email

We look forward to meeting you!

Adele Leach and Sarah Martin.

Theatre Studies