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Film Studies (A Level)

When you study with us in Film Studies, you can look forward to:

1) Detailed analysis of popular films and an understanding of critical approaches in Film Studies, as well as the opportunity to make your own short film.

You can also start preparing for studying with us by checking out some of our subject materials – and click here for film studies qualifications.

Genre in A Level Film Studies

Genre is a key approach to the way we understand films in Film Studies. A genre is a set of rules that govern both how a film looks and sounds as well as the story it tells. In year one we learn the rules of genre and how they work in cycles in popular cinema.

Genre codes: how a film looks and sounds

Genre conventions: how a film tells its story

In the links below, Mark Kermode provides some excellent examples of popular genres and how they have adapted over time to please new audiences but retain their loyal audiences:

Rom-Coms | Science Fiction | Coming of Age

In year 2 of A Level Film Studies we focus on one genre in particular: silent comedy. This entertaining video demonstrates how the comedian Buster Keaton adapted physical comedy for the silver screen.

You can also download our Index of Key Terms Sheet(PDF).

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