Useful resources for Year 11 students

French (A Level) scroll down to get to French language ones. French news alert. what it says it is – French news read s – l – o – w – l – y.

On Netflix etc search French Films & TV Shows – there are so many things to watch but set Audio Settings to Subtitles if necessary.

Use Duolingo (easy at first but gets harder as it progresses).

Click here for GSCE revision. Find out about France – try reading up on-line about some of our A Level topics (Modern Family Life in France, Volunteers and Charities in France, New Technology and its impact on French Life, Cultural Heritage, French Music, French Film).

Learn vocab using Quizlet from the book ‘Mot à Mot: French Vocabulary for AQA A-Level’ by Paul Humerstone & Kirsty Thathapudi.

Modern Foreign Languages labs