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Our Horizons Programme for Year 10 is designed to provide challenging and thought provoking sessions for students from our Partner High Schools who want to extend their learning outside of the school curriculum. This gives students the opportunity to stretch themselves and explore different subjects they may want to pursue in their future.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer a full programme of exciting and engaging Masterclasses for students with a passion for learning. These events will take place on campus being led by our fantastic course leaders. 

Please use the booking page below to register your students for these events. 

PLEASE NOTE: this booking page is intended for the use of Teachers and Staff Members of our Partner High Schools. If you are currently a student, please speak to your subject teachers about the possibility of booking on to an event.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Kathryn Fawbert, Schools Liaison Admissions Tutor on 01772 643000 or email

  • October 2022

    Experimental Drawing

    Friday 7th October


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    Following on from last year’s very successful event, this workshop focuses on developing media by combining experimental drawing with print making. Drawing can be an expressive way to record what you see and this event aims to demonstrate how drawing can go beyond ‘the pencil’. Using an architectural starting point students will use cutting tools, pens, inks, carbon paper and pencils to create mixed media ‘drawings’ which will be layered over a block print background, giving students the opportunity to work with our printing press. The work will be created in response to contemporary artists showing how drawing and print can be combined to create experimental and unusual outcomes.

    Booking deadline: Friday 23rd September

    How to Make a Million

    Tuesday 11th October


    Fully Booked

    Crude oil is the world’s most actively traded commodity. This oil futures trading competition will challenge students to maximise their profits in a simulation of real-life trading. Students work together in teams, competing to maximise their profits they will demonstrate skills and values that can contribute towards success in economics and business.

    Market information that affects the demand for and supply of oil will be given to participants in the competition. Any changes in demand and supply conditions affect the future price of oil.

    Students will have to determine their trades on the basis of their expectation of future prices. Enormous profits are made every day on oil futures markets and successful traders can expect to make six figure salaries plus bonuses. It will be great fun but there will be an opportunity to help students’ understanding of some key concepts in the study of Economics.

    Booking deadline: Tuesday 27th September

    Read All About it! *NEW*

    Tuesday 11th October


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    Whether it’s celebrity stories such the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial to political stories about governments, news dominates the media landscape. This workshop will be an exciting opportunity for any students who are interested in current affairs, perhaps a career in journalism or simply feel they would enjoy learning more about what is happening in the world.

    The first half of the morning will be dedicated to understanding what news is, who produces it and how they select the stories that they do. The latter part of the morning students will get to work in teams discussing what news stories are being reported via social media and have a chance to design the front page of a tabloid national newspaper using Photoshop.

    Booking deadline: Tuesday 4th October 

  • November 2022

    Surprising Science

    Tuesday 1st November


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    Runshaw has bucked the national trend – A Level Science numbers here are rising.

    Our students do a lot of impressive academic work, but there’s lots of fun too. In a day of workshops in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology we’ll show you how Science can be a bit messy, a bit surprising, but always fascinating. We are sure keen scientists will love it and be even more eager to put their scientific skills to great use in the future!

    Booking deadline: Tuesday 18th October

    Visual Storytelling *NEW*

    Wednesday 2nd November


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    This masterclass on video production and editing will teach aspiring filmmakers how to tell a story using narrative techniques common in the TV and Film industry. Students will receive a brief induction on how to use the cameras, microphones, and tripods as well as a tutorial designed to teach them how to use editing software, before going on to film and edit their own short story. The students who do this will learn how to visually communicate a story that follows storytelling rules and is visually and emotionally engaging. This is an ideal introduction to some of the skills and knowledge essential to working in the media industry.

    Booking deadline: Wednesday 19th October

    Criminology: Lone Wolf Extremism

    Thursday 3rd November


    Fully Booked

    Criminal gangs whether we like it or not have always historically been a part of world wide society. During this first part of the workshop, you will be provided with a detailed insight into the workings of national and international criminal gangs through the use of case studies as well as relevant gang reduction strategies that have been employed by law enforcement agencies. The second half of the workshop with equip all participants with excellent skills of analysis and evaluation associated with the application of criminological theory to criminal gangs.

    Booking deadline: Thursday 20th October

    Create, Manipulate & Edit in Graphic Design

    Friday 4th November


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    This event gives students the fantastic experience of working with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software on the newest Apple Macs, to create Graphic imagery. Students will learn how to create vector designs in Illustrator and produce digitally enhanced compositions in Photoshop.

    Booking deadline: Friday 21st October 

    3D Design: Design to Make

    Wednesday 9th November


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    Using creative inspirational concepts and source the students will be guided through a mini design cycle, using drawing, analysis and material exploration to create their very own designs for what will end as a final finished outcome. Students will be given the opportunity to work in one of our 3D workshops and will be supported throughout the event by our specialist 3D lecturers.

    Booking deadline: Wednesday 26th October

    West End Dance for Musical Theatre Workshop *NEW*

    Friday 11th November


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    We are excited to bring to you a new and exciting workshop for your students be get involved with.  This is a Musical theatre workshop but focussing on the dance elements from the West End.  Highly trained professionals will be hosting this workshop focusing on technique and performance to prepare you for the world of Musical Theatre.  For this workshop you must have prior dance training, please note there will not be any singing in this masterclass.

    Booking Deadline: Friday 28th October

  • December 2022


    Textile Creations

    Details coming soon

    Runshaw English Challenge

    Tuesday 6th December



    Are you competitive? Do you enjoy a challenge? And, most importantly, do you find English fun? If your answer to these questions is a resounding “yes”, then we have just the activity for you: The Runshaw English Challenge. This round-robin event will test teams’ knowledge across the whole range of our subject: spelling, punctuation and grammar; word meanings and etymologies (where they come from); the history of English; famous literary quotes, authors and titles; and the chance to show off your creative prowess. The winners will be awarded the Runshaw English Challenge Cup, whilst the best spellers will take home the famous Runshaw Spelling Bee.

    Booking deadline: Tuesday 22nd November

    Business Ethics Challenge

    Wednesday 7th December


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    Every day in the highly dynamic and complex world of Business, entrepreneurs and large corporations are challenged by ethical business dilemmas while balancing the need to make a profit. For many companies, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of their decision making process on many daily business issues. Yet it is not always easy to ‘do the right thing’ or to act ethically when stakeholders may have very different views about how a business should act. For example, a customer may require something very different to an employee or an investor. Eventually, business must balance the needs of its stakeholders with the benefits to the business of acting responsibly.

    To demonstrate this, you are invited to participate in an exciting board room simulation event in the hope of generating discussion and making strategic decisions focused around some typical everyday dilemmas a business might face. The issues it raises are guaranteed to provoke debate amongst teams of players who act as different stakeholders.

    Booking deadline: Wednesday 23rd November

    Photography – Working In The Dark

    Tuesday 13th December


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    In the developing world of digital photography, there are still some traditional techniques which can produce highly creative and expressive photographic work. This event will introduce students to working in the photography darkroom with a variety of media and techniques. Students will be taught how to work safely with chemicals and enlargers to produce different effects within the field of analogue photography. Our photography lecturers and technician will guide students through a range of processes, encouraging students to explore media beyond the digital world!

    Booking deadline: Tuesday 29th December

  • January 2023

    Freedom & The Existence of God

    Tuesday 17th January


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    We will examine if human beings truly possess free will. Through the use of both real-life and hypothetical examples, students will be encouraged to reflect on the nature of human freedom and to assess whether we can make sense of this idea, as well as considering the implications of our answer to this question. We will be examining the philosophical arguments for the existence of God.

    We will be focusing on the ways in which believers have combined faith with reason, in order to suggest that the existence of God is, at least, probable given our experiences in, and of, the world. We will analyse these arguments and assess the effectiveness of using evidence from the physical world to prove the existence of a metaphysical God. We will also consider whether our experiences of evil and suffering within the world lead us to question the existence of an omnipotent and omni-benevolent deity.

    Booking deadline: Tuesday 3rd January

    Dance with Rambert

    Friday 20th January 


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    The world famous Rambert Dance Company have been running masterclasses and workshops here at Runshaw for several years, covering contemporary and classical styles. One of our former Dance students, now furthering his training at Rambert is Craig Ward, and he will be returning to Runshaw to teach choreography and dance, the Rambert way! Please note students attending must study GCSE or BTEC Dance.

    Booking deadline: Friday 6th January

    The Big Band Experience

    Wednesday 25th January

    Time: Day time (Teaching & Rehearsals): 9:00am-2:00pm

    Evening rehearsals (sound checking and preparation): From 5pm

    Evening performance (parents and friends welcome): 7pm-9pm

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    Students at Runshaw play a lot of classical music. Amanda Roocroft, the international opera star, is a former A Level Music student. We do, however, cover the whole range of music from serious to fun. Jazz is both serious music and great fun, which is probably why it is becoming so popular at Runshaw. So much so that we’ve set up a Jazz Academy for our talented jazz musicians. Now we offer young musicians the chance to blow away the cobwebs and develop their jazz and big band skills in a one day masterclass with Runshaw staff and professionals from the world of jazz. The project will be led by professional musicians who have been members of top orchestras and big bands. The day will include ensemble coaching, improvisation workshops and jazz technique classes – all leading to a Big Band Concert with High School and Runshaw students in the evening. Parents and teachers warmly welcomed. Please note students attending should be at Grade 4/5 level.

    Booking deadline: Sunday 11th December

  • February 2023


    Law Mock Trial

    Wednesday 1st February 


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    We invite you to enter a team for the day to examine a legal case and then prosecute or defend it. The trials take place in front of a judge in Runshaw’s mock Court Room and the students can wear real barrister’s wigs and gowns. Law Academy student helpers, who are experienced in mock trials, help guide and coach the teams. Students are given certificates and there is a trophy for the winning team overall. In addition, prizes are awarded to those individuals who stand out as excellent legal advocates or witnesses.

    The session teaches students the order of a real Crown Court trial as well as the roles of the people involved such as barristers, juries and judges. Those schools who participated last year found it to be an invaluable experience. One member of staff from a participating high school wrote ‘This was an absolutely fantastic experience for staff as well as pupils. I cannot believe how much young people can develop so much confidence in one day.’

    Booking deadline: Wednesday 18th January

    Forensic Psychology: Offender Profiling

    Wednesday 8th February 

    10:00 – 12:30

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    The skills of the psychologist can be applied in many spheres. During this workshop you will investigate the crimes of serial killers such as Ted Bundy and Edmund Kemper. You will use these cases to understand how Offender Profilers in the UK and U.S.A. use psychological knowledge to help identify likely offenders. Throughout the workshop you will develop your powers of analysis, evaluation and teamwork skills.

    Booking deadline: Wednesday 25th January

    The Full English

    Tuesday 21st February


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    Students with a passion for English are invited to a morning devoted to celebrating its rich variety. Focusing on a chosen theme, students will participate in three diverse sessions exploring the worlds of literature and language. There will be something for everyone, from modern poetry and an array of fictional and nonfictional narrative voices, to lively discussion, intense analysis and creative writing. Hence the title: if students love English, our ‘Full English’ will whet their appetite for more!

    Booking deadline: Tuesday 7th February

    Sociological Dragons’ Den

    Tuesday 28th February


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    Have you ever really thought about gangs in the UK? Who in society is drawn towards gangs and why? Come and join us in a sociological analysis of gang culture, where you will tackle the problems and design solutions to address this issue affecting our society!  Students will work in teams to design strategies for solving the problems of gang culture and present their ideas to a panel of judges – the Dragons. Students will be questioned about the workings of their proposed solutions, with special awards for the best proposals.  Runshaw Sociology students will work with the young social scientists and help them plan and practice their presentations.

    Booking deadline: Tuesday 14th February

  • March 2023

    Challenge History: Religious Intolerance

    Monday 6th March


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    Why are there so many examples of religious persecution in History? Is it motivated by fear? Prejudice? Leaders trying to make themselves more powerful? We’ll look at a range of examples ranging from religious intolerance during the Crusades, religious persecution during Tudor times, persecution of Jews under the Nazi regime. Do similar problems persist today or have societies become more tolerant and open to diversity over time?

    Booking deadline: Monday 20th February

    Volcano Discovery

    Tuesday 14th March


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    In this session, we will explore the amazing nature of volcanic eruptions from around the world. Using case studies of famous eruptions, we will look into why eruptions can vary so much and why some are the more dangerous than others. Then we shall ask the big questions – how can we predict future eruptions and what might they look like?

    Booking deadline: Tuesday 28th February

    Medical Marvels

    Wednesday 15th March


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    This is an afternoon event for all budding Medics, Vets and Dentists! Spend an afternoon with our fantastic Medical Society students and teachers who will introduce you to life in these careers and give you the opportunity to take part in this amazing anatomical extravanganza! Learn how to carry out basic medical procedures, a dissection and draw your own anatomy!

    This is the perfect addition to your record of achievement to demonstrate your passion for these ever changing professions. It is the ideal opportunity for students to extend their knowledge of the professions and gain some experience of what these professions entail. We will also talk to students about the opportunities they will receive as a member of the society, in making their medical ambitions come alive!

    Booking deadline: Wednesday 1st March

    Geography: Creating Sustainability

    Monday 20th March


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    Sustainability is a theme that runs through many contemporary geographical topics. This workshop seeks to explore some of the problems created by unsustainable activities, investigate what sustainability really means and evaluate how a school or college can become more sustainable. This will provide students with some case studies of sustainability in action and can provide opportunities for students to take some positive action of their own.

    Booking deadline: Monday 6th March

    Runshaw Maths Challenge

    Thursday 23rd March 


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    This well-established competition for the mathematically gifted provides an opportunity for teams to compete for the Runshaw Maths Challenge Cup. There is a special cup for the winners but since most of the adults present would be stuck on task one, all teams will receive a medal in recognition of their prowess in this key subject.

    Booking deadline: Wednesday 8th March

    Design Engineering – Engineering behind superheroes

    Wednesday 29th March 


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    The day will consist of working with enthusiastic engineering students and teachers who will lead you on a discovery of how engineering is used by superheroes. This will consist of completing experiments, working with engineering principles and looking at different engineering sectors. This is designed to give a fun but informative introduction to advanced engineering concepts, for learners that are interested in progressing on to university or a career in engineering.

    Booking deadline: Wednesday 15th March

    The Big Debate

    Thursday 30th March 


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    A chance for school teams to debate the big issues of the day – following the rules of the English Speaking Union – and to participate in the debate as part of the audience. Parents and teachers are also invited to attend and see the students in action.

    A gala event of debate and discussion at Runshaw is planned with refreshments and rewards for all who want to take part. We will also be offering coaching sessions in debating to sharpen the public speaking skills of students who wish to participate.

    Booking deadline: Thursday 16th March


  • April 2023

    Games & Festivals in Ancient Greece *NEW*

    Wednesday 19th April


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    Come and spend a morning immersed in the religion and athletics of the Ancient Greek world. We will explore the Athenian Acropolis and learn the stories about the heroes and gods whose temples occupied this religious space. We will focus in particular on the goddess Athena and the Panathenaic festival that was held in her honour on an annual basis.

    You will also get the chance to study ancient literature as well as handle replica artefacts to help us recreate this important festival before we move on to study the sites of Delphi and Olympia. All three sites held important athletic competitions as well as functioning as religious sanctuaries and we will therefore consider the overlap between athletics and religion in the ancient world.

    Booking deadline: Wednesday 12th April


  • May 2023

    What Lies Beneath? *NEW*

    Wednesday 3rd May


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    An interactive activity investigating invertebrate populations in water. Students will explore pond habitats that are polluted and not polluted. They will then identify and record the different species in each ecosystem, then use this information to calculate the biodiversity index. The quality of the water will be investigated to determine the pH, nitrates, ammonium, and phosphorus levels in order to assess how polluted each ecosystem is.

    The practical activities will then lead to discussions around the human impact on biodiversity in both aquatic and terrestrial systems. Students will explore ways in which they can increase biodiversity and create their own seed bombs to take away.

    Booking deadline: Wednesday 19th April