Unfortunately, due to the current national lockdown we have taken the very difficult decision to postpone these events until a future date. If you have any queries please contact me directly at Kathryn Fawbert – Fawbert.k@runshaw.ac.uk

Our Horizons programme for Years 9, 10 and 11 is designed to provide challenging and thought provoking sessions for students who want to extend their learning outside of the school curriculum.

This gives students the opportunity to stretch themselves and explore different subjects that they may want to pursue in their future.

During these difficult times we have worked hard to be able to provide you with the same sessions for your students albeit virtually. By booking on to these events you will receive any materials needed in advance and a link to the live (or pre-recorded) session closer to the date of the activity.


  • Science

    Medical Marvels

    Platform: MS Teams

    For all budding medics, vets and dentists – come and join us for our very own version of 24 hours in A and E – in 30 minutes. Can we diagnose what is wrong with our patient? Help us find out!

    CSI Cretaceous


    Platform: MS Teams

    A geology extravaganza!! Which dinosaur committed the crime? Use the evidence to help the geology team bring the perpetrator to justice!

    Flash Bang Chemistry

    Platform: MS Teams

    Come and join us for an exciting, explosive fiesta of chemistry and science, brought together in a spectacular 30-minute session bringing together all of the best bits that science has to offer!

  • Modern Foreign Languages


    Platform: MS Teams

    During the Spanish Masterclass session, students will have the opportunity to practice and use their language skills to complete a variety of tasks that focus on the a Level theme of heritage in the Spanish speaking-world. They will complete all of these interactive, challenging and stimulating activities in Spanish and learn about this interesting topic!

    Cybertechnologie en France

    Platform: MS Teams

    A 20 minute deep dive into the astounding world of Cybertechnology in France. See how they are paving the way in Cyber security to protect their country and learn some interesting new language along the way.

    Environmentalism in Germany (Umweltschutz in Deutschland)

    Platform: Zoom

    Did you know Germany is paving the way in ground-breaking renewable and sustainable energy resources? Join us for 30 mins in discussing what they’re doing, and how we can learn from them (in German!)

  • Business & Law

    You Be The Judge- Mock Trial (Law)

    Platform: Zoom

    The court needs your help in deciding a verdict and sentence for the offenders at hand. Choose your case and work together to bring these criminals to justice! Join us to get a glimpse into Criminal Law, the fate of the accused rests in your hands!

    The Business Ethics Challenge

    Platform: MS Teams

    Every day in the highly dynamic and complex world of Business, entrepreneurs and large corporations are challenged by ethical business dilemmas while balancing the need to make a profit.

    For many companies, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of their decision making process on many daily business issues. Yet it is not always easy to ‘do the right thing’ or to act ethically when stakeholders may have very different views about how a business should act. For example, a customer may require something very different to an employee or an investor. Eventually, business must balance the needs of its stakeholders with the benefits to the business of acting responsibly.

    To demonstrate this, you are invited to participate in an exciting board room simulation event in the hope of generating discussion and making strategic decisions focused around some typical everyday dilemmas a business might face. The issues it raises are guaranteed to provoke debate amongst teams of players who act as different stakeholders.


  • Computing & ICT

    Escape Room: Boolean Algebra

    Platform: MS Teams

    We challenge your keenest Computer Scientists and Mathematicians to take on this mind-boggling, heart-racing escape room challenge in under 30 minutes using Boolean Algebra! Your students will need a PC each with access to the internet, and a mini whiteboard and pen to complete the challenge.

  • Humanities

    Arguments for God’s Existence

    (Religious Studies)

    Platform: Zoom

    We will examine if human beings truly possess free will! Your most philosophical minds will analyse the arguments and evidence from the practical world to prove the existence of a metaphysical God. They will also consider whether our experiences of evil and suffering within the world lead us to question the existence of an omnipotent and omni-benevolent deity.

    How to Make a Million


    Platform: MS Teams

    Crude oil is the world’s most actively traded commodity. This oil futures trading competition will challenge students to maximise their profits in a simulation of real-life trading. Students work together in teams, competing to maximise their profits they will demonstrate skills and values that can contribute towards success in economics and business.

    Are We Free?


    Platform: Zoom

    Students explore their views on this question and find out about some key philosophical approaches to answering it.

    The Invention of the Barbarian


    Platform: Zoom

    Explore how the Greeks saw themselves as distinct from their ‘barbarian’ neighbours. With issues of race and stereotypes so prevalent in the modern world, this component raises matters which will resonate with learners and encourage  them to think about their own society and beliefs.


  • Holocaust Memorial Day: The Sophie Scholl Awards

    Deadline for Entries: Wednesday 24th February 2021

    Holocaust Memorial Day is commemorated every year on 27 January, the day on which the Auschwitz Concentration Camp was liberated in 1945.

    Sophie Scholl was a student in wartime Germany and became a leading member of the anti-war and anti-fascist ‘White Rose’ organisation. She was eventually executed, aged 21, by the Nazis in 1943.

    Students are asked to submit an entry in memory of Sophie Scholl – entries can be a written piece, a poem, a piece of art work or music – nothing is ruled out. There will be awards for the best entries.

    All entries to be made by Wednesday 24th February 2021.

  • Social Sciences

    Human Trafficking

    (Public Services)

    Platform: Zoom

    In the past decade, the number of human trafficking victims has more than tripled globally. Join us for 30 minutes to discuss how and why the hidden world of human trafficking is affecting millions of people worldwide, and what we can do to prevent it further.

    Catching the Killers


    Platform: Zoom

    Join us in discussing how and IF Offender Profiling is useful in identifying offenders. We’ll look at the approaches by British and American specialists to get inside the mind of the offenders in 30 minutes. We will send through all of the information you need before this event, to help us catch the killer.

    How poor is Britain? A Sociological Deep Dive


    Platform: Zoom

    To examine what poverty looks like in the UK today – From relative to absolute. 30 minutes

    Who Has the Right to Vote?


    Platform: MS Teams

    Should 16 Year olds have the right to vote: The Big Debate!

    Your keenest young debaters must work in teams to analyse, evaluate and present their arguments for or against the right to vote for 16year olds. This session will run for an hour, as we’re sure your students will have a lot to say on this topic!

  • Engineering

    Renewable Energy Design

    (Design Engineering)

    Platform: MS Teams

    There has never been a more urgent need for skilled Engineers in the field of Renewable Energy than right now. Join us to learn, understand and apply design theory, and delve into the technical world of Engineering Calculation!

  • Maths

    Runshaw Maths Challenge Week!

    Bring on your best mathematicians to represent your school in the much anticipated Runshaw Maths Challenge! Every day over the week, you will receive a 5 minute maths challenge video that will test the skills of even your best mathematical minds. Send in your answers and wait for the winner of the Maths Challenge Trophy to be revealed!