Useful resources for Year 11 students

Maths (A Level)

Further Maths (A Level)

Core Maths (A Level)

Download the Mathematics Work Pack for Year 11 students (PDF).

Download the Further Maths Summer Work Pack (PDF)

It may have been a while since you practiced any maths and you might feel a little apprehensive about starting the A level. Here is a highly recommended link to some great preparation work to help you get ready.
Click here to check out resources to help you prepare for the transition from GCSE to A Level.
Colin Hegarty has put on some live lessons for Y11 students who are looking at starting A-Level Maths next year.
Please click here to access transition work along with helpful videos to help you get ready to make the step from GCSE to A Level.
A Level Further Maths at Runshaw