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Media Studies (A Level)

A Level Media

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In A Level Media Studies we follow AQA’s Specification.
An excellent starting point is to really get to understand the BBC and what it does.

On your two year course you will study a wide-range of media products which are designed to stretch you academically and provide you with skills that go beyond the classroom. For example, you will have the opportunity to be creative through the non-assessment NEA practical work.

More importantly we will ask questions of contemporary culture and the media’s place in it. Debate and discussion are at the heart of what media studies is about.

The course content focuses on the following key concepts:

Media language







An excellent starting point is to think about how media industries work. For example, the BBC is a media institution that you are probably familiar with. Here are some questions that we might ask about it in media studies:

For example we look at the B.B.C (British Broadcasting Corporation). Here are some starter questions:

1) How much power do media institutions have?

2) What content do they offer and for whom?

3) How are Public Service Broadcasters different to commercial providers?

4) What makes the B.B.C’s content different to Netflix or Amazon?

5) How is the B.B.C responding to the change in audience behaviours?

Go to:

NEA – non-exam assessment
You will also get the opportunity to develop your knowledge of products and practical skills. For example you may be asked to create:
Front Pages
Double-paged spreads

A Level Media

Click here for more web work.
Video work – using Adobe Final Cut Pro – check out this tutorial.
Audio work – using Adobe Audition – click here.

There are also 3 excellent course booklets (available from Amazon) that you could purchase to help with your studies:

Media book thumbnail

Access this file provided by Media Magazine – one of the resources available to you to give a flavour of some of the issues and debates.

Media Studies at Runshaw College