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Media Studies (A Level)

A Level Media

We follow AQA’s Specification

Media is a fast-paced and ever-changing subject. In the first year you will be studying a wide range of areas in the media; advertising and marketing, television, magazines, film and music video.

In the second year you will also study news, radio, games, online and participatory media.

Alongside these areas you will also analyse a whole host of other media products and discuss what’s happening in the media and culture in general. Our students really enjoy the debate and discussion!

Check out one of the music videos we study Ghost Town by The Specials.

  1. What music do you like? What genres?
  2. What’s your initial response to the video/song?
  3. What do you think it’s about?

Your knowledge and understanding will also be enhanced by the theories you will learn and you will learn to analyse media texts in a thorough and academic way.

The course focuses on the following theoretical areas:

Media industries, media languages, representations, genre, narrative, ideology and audience.

In the first term you will get an overview of these areas and we may also focus on a particular media organisation such as the BBC.  Take a look at the website below to check out what they do.

Alongside this you will get to be creative and learn the basic of producing print, broadcast and e-media products.

Here are some examples of recent work print work.


We use for web work – check out its capabilities.

Video work – We use Adobe Final Cut Pro – check out this tutorial:

Audio work using Adobe Audition

We use Adobe Photoshop for image manipulation.

There are also 3 excellent course booklets (available from Amazon) that you could purchase to help with your studies:

Media studies books

Below is an example of a task that we might do in media studies.

Access this file provided by Media Magazine – one of the resources available to you to give a flavour of some of the issues and debates.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

Media Studies at Runshaw College