Useful resources for Year 11 students

Music (A Level)

At Runshaw College, we deliver the OCR specification. The four main areas that students study are:

1. Instrumental Music of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven

2. Programme Music 1820-1910

3. Popular Song: Blues, Jazz, Swing and Big Band

4. Developments in Instrumental Jazz from 1910 to present day

As part of this study there are set works for Nos. 1 and 3:

· Haydn – Symphony No. 48 – 1st and 2nd movements

· Barbara Streisand – Color Me Barbra; Yesterdays; Where or When; Where Am I Going; Starting Here Starting Now

I would recommend listening to these pieces. You can also access a score for the Haydn via this link. It is worth taking time to research Haydn as a composer.

Some informative YouTube Videos:

Haydn – Piano TV Video 1 and Video 2.

Some suggested research for Mozart and Beethoven:

Mozart Piano TV – Video 1 and Video 2.

Grade 5 Music Theory – This plays a critical role in the study of A Level Music and you will be supported to take the exam in November 2020 if you arrive at college without your Grade 5 theory qualification. Some websites that provide good resources to get you started are:

Finally as an introduction to topics 3 and 4 listed above, some useful links are:

Ragtime: An Introduction to Ragtime | The first part of the documentary Swing explores the origins of the Swing style | Cole Porter: a Popular Song in the ‘30’s.