1. The first step with a Mac is to ensure that you have the Microsoft Remote Desktop
app installed (this is free via the Apple App Store)

2. Navigate to https://remotedesktop.runshaw.ac.uk/rdweb
Here you will be prompted to enter a username and password. Depending on your
setup at home, your username will have to be entered in one of the following
• abcd01
• abcd01@runshaw.net
• abcd01@runshaw.ac.uk
• runshaw_net\abcd01
Replace abcd01 with your own username.
Password: this should be your college password

3. On the next page, click the icon named ‘Runshaw Remote Desktop’

4. At this stage once you have clicked the Remote Desktop icon you are required to
‘Open’ the RDP file as at the top of the Safari window. This is opening the .RDP file
that is downloaded to establish a connection.

5. This will open a Remote Desktop session in the app and you will be required to enter
your credentials in the same format as step 2 of this guide (if this fails please try one
of the alternative formats listed)

6. Once connected you will be prompted with the standard IT Access Usage and ESafety
Policy message as if you were logging on to a college PC.