Their are five committees that are involved in the governance of the college.

They are Audit, Finance, Remuneration & Organisational Development, Search & Governance and Standards & Curriculum.

Committee memberships are strengthened by the co-option of individuals with specific knowledge and skills.

Click on the tabs below for more information about individual committees – terms of reference, minutes, annual report to the Corporation (Governing Body), membership and meetings schedule.

Note: certain minutes (and reports) are classified as ‘reserved business’ because of their confidential nature and are not available for public access.

The need to maintain confidentiality is reviewed annually by the Corporation.

  • Audit


    The Committee shall ensure that:

    • the internal control systems of the Corporation and any of its subsidiaries are adequate and monitored actively, independently and objectively in order to improve the effectiveness of internal controls and risk management arrangements
    • reinforce the independence and effectiveness of the internal, financial statements and (where appointed) funding audit functions
    • provide a sounding board for College management on issues of concern in connection with the college’s internal control systems
    • advise on the reliability of the College’s information systems
    • increase public confidence in the objectivity and fairness of the Corporation’s financial reports and in the quality of corporate governance
    • provide a medium of communication from the Corporation’s auditors which is not controlled by College management.


    The Committee meets once each term with its minutes and recommendations submitted to the following Corporation meeting.


    Mick Frankish (Chair), Martina Jay, Alison Watson Bird, Peter Zak (Co-opted Member), Martyn Lylyk (Co-opted Member)

    Minutes of Meetings

    Audit June 2018

    Audit March 2018

    Audit November 2017

    Audit June 2017

    Audit March 2017

    Audit November 2016

    Audit June 2016