Runshaw’s Ofsted report is a really glowing tribute to the excellent work at the college of both students and staff.

Out of 7 areas of study inspected, all 7 of them were awarded Grade 1 (Outstanding).

No other college in the country has ever received so many high grades.

Inspectors said…

“At Runshaw, every learner really does matter. The learner experience and the quality of teaching and learning are at the heart of every aspect of the college. For many students, the exceptional support they receive has changed their lives. There is a very strong emphasis on developing the full potential of the students.”

Inspection Report Summary

Runshaw achieved an outstanding 7 grade ones out of 7 areas inspected:

Grades awarded:

Effectiveness of provision

Outstanding: Grade 1

Capacity to improve

Outstanding: Grade 1

Achievement and standards

Outstanding: Grade 1

Quality of provision

Outstanding: Grade 1

Teaching and learning and support for students

Outstanding: Grade 1

Leadership and management

Outstanding: Grade 1

Equality of opportunity

Outstanding: Grade 1

As well as awarding the maximum number of top grades, the inspectors identified many key strengths in the college, and no significant areas for improvement.

Key Strengths

  • Exceptionally strong focus on student enjoyment and achievement
  • Outstanding success rates for students aged 16 to 18
  • Outstanding personal development of students
  • Excellent value added to learners’ previous attainment
  • Innovative and creative practice leading to high-quality teaching and learning
  • Highly inclusive range of provision and excellent enrichment
  • Excellent partnership working to meet local needs
  • Outstanding guidance and support for students
  • Inspirational leadership
  • Excellent performance management, leading to consistently high standards and relentless focus on continuous improvement
  • Exceptionally competent and dedicated staff with excellent resources to support teaching and learning
  • Excellent financial management and deployment of resources

Among other comments, inspectors also said…

about our students:

‘students enjoy their lessons and contribute enthusiastically…’
‘students speak with great enthusiasm about their achievements’
‘attendance is very good’
‘students make an excellent contribution to the life of the college and the wider community’
‘student progression to higher education, further education or training is excellent’
‘students are very well prepared for examinations and beyond’
‘students’ views… are used very well to drive forward continuous improvements’

about our support:

‘the college has continued to invest significant resources to maintain high standards…’
‘the range of enrichment activities is outstanding…’
‘excellent promotion of equality of opportunity…’
‘students value the inclusive nature of individual support…’
‘student progression to higher education, further education or training is excellent’
‘there are extensive resources devoted to additional study support’
‘a culture of respect permeates the college’
‘guidance and support are excellent…’

about our staff:

‘exceptionally good lesson planning…’
‘staff are very well-qualified, highly motivated and totally dedicated to helping students enjoy and achieve…’
‘there is extensive celebration of students’ achievements…’
‘the college has pushed the boundaries in developing innovative and creative practice in lessons which supports highly effective teaching…’
‘students enjoy their lessons, contribute enthusiastically and speak very highly of the support they receive from staff in and out of lessons…’
‘staff work hard within a culture of high expectations, backed by strong support and an excellent programme of staff development…’
‘teachers engage and motivate students to have ambitious aspirations and produce work of a very high quality…’

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