Useful resources for Year 11 students

Spanish (A Level)

Practise things that you have covered in GCSE on kahoot: revision of GCSE grammar and vocab for example.
Use Quizlet and the book ‘palabra por palabra’ by Phil Turk.
Go to or to practise listening skills.
Follow Twitter accounts such as (AJ+espanol; @elpais cultura; @bbcmundo) to keep up-to-date and get useful info. Maybe keep a learning journal.
Have a look at Spanish recipes and try to cook some; for example, different tapas or tortilla de patata.
Research places you would like to go to in Spanish-speaking countries and do research too. Perhaps make a poster.
Watch Spanish-speaking film and TV shows with subtitles. Here is a link to some of them:
Spanish Translating Books

Watch the film ‘María llena eres de gracia’, which we will study in class.

Research about Spain and different countries in Latin America about these Year 1 A-Level topics: traditional and modern family values, cyberspace, equality (gender and LGBT), the influence of idols, Spanish regional identity and heritage in the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish at Runshaw