Runshaw University Courses comprise HNC, HND, Foundation Degree and Degree programmes, all designed to give you the edge in today’s competitive workplace.

As a leading college in the UK, Runshaw is a Partner College of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), delivering university programmes that match the high standards of this leading university.

In addition to offering a prestigious degree awarded by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) they contain in-built activities designed to help you stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive job market. These include:

  • a professional work placement programme, featuring live employer briefs and industry related experience to set you ahead of the game when looking for your first graduate job.
  • additional professional qualifications that are highly sought after by employers.
  • activities designed to develop the communication and team working skills employers seek.
  • guest speaker visits and strong links with industry to develop your sector knowledge.
  • study tours and attendance at external events to enhance your knowledge and bring learning to life.

Our courses are available in:

  • Children, Young People & Their Services
  • Computer Aided Engineering
  • Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Engineering (Foundation Entry)
  • Public Services, Prisons & Law Enforcement
  • Sports Coaching
  • Tourism & Events Management

Compact Timetables

One of the things we are renowned for is our flexibility. We understand the importance of timetables and course demands fitting in with a busy lifestyle. With this in mind, our full-time courses are normally run on a compact timetable of two to three consecutive days per week, allowing you to study for a university qualification, work and earn at the same time.

Outstanding Results

Our students achieve outstanding results and successfully progress to work and further study. Many go on to attain first class honours degrees at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

Fantastic Support

We deliberately keep our classes small so you can access individual attention and outstanding tutor support – you’ll never struggle to see a tutor, ask a question or tap into our support services. By studying at Runshaw you’ll enjoy a more personal learning experience together with the benefits of attending a highly supportive educational establishment.

Our ‘live local go far’ ethos

Live at home, save money, plus have the support of your family and friends … all whilst studying for a degree. Many of our students find studying near home a very attractive option. They like the idea of being close to their family and friends with all the support and encouragement they offer – plus attending a local college also eliminates high accommodation and travel costs!

The best of both worlds

Our courses are approved and awarded by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), meaning as a Runshaw student you are also a student of UCLan with access to the clubs, services and facilities of both institutions throughout your studies – truly the best of both worlds!

External Approval

University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

Our university courses are approved and awarded by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). As such, our programmes are fully assured by UCLan and undergo a thorough approval process; so you can be sure they are of the highest quality and meet the university’s high standards.

Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)qaa

Established in 1997, the QAA safeguards UK higher education quality and standards. It checks how well institutions meet their responsibilities, identifying good practice and making recommendations for improvement. The QAA also publishes guidelines to help institutions develop effective systems to ensure students have high quality experiences. As part of their practices, they conduct reviews and publish reports on the confidence that can be placed in an institution’s management of standards and quality. Runshaw College adheres to QAA codes of practice and in the last QAA review, was praised for the quality of provision. The QAA particularly noted the outstanding nature of teaching and learning at Runshaw College, the support for students to succeed and the College’s valuable links with employers.

Outstanding in anyone’s language!

The latest Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Review of the College’s Higher Education provision took place in December 2015 with the Report published in March 2016. It resulted in a fantastic acknowledgement of the high quality of the university courses we offer.

The QAA is the HE equivalent of Ofsted and while the process is very different to that of the more well-known ‘inspection’ body the rigour with which it is undertake is every bit as thorough and demanding. The same process of Review is applied to all organisations offering higher education courses. The Review visit was undertaken by a Team of 3 QAA Reviewers plus a Review Manager and lasted for 3 days in the week commencing 7th December 2015

Like all universities and colleges offering degree level courses we were reviewed against the UK Quality Code for Higher Education  which sets out a series of ‘expectations’ that HE providers are expected to meet in terms of 4 core areas;

  • Academic Standards
  • The Quality of Learning Opportunities
  • Information about Higher Education
  • The Enhancement of Learning Opportunities

Providers are also asked to choose one of two “themes” for the Review Team to consider and we elected for ‘employability’.

So what are the possible outcomes?

The Review Team is asked to determine if a provider ‘meets’, ‘does not meet’ or’ requires improvement to meet’ Academic Standards and can make similar judgements for the other core areas, plus, for these they can also make a ‘commendation’ for exceptional practice. So any provider can achieve a maximum of 3 ‘commendations’.

The Review Team is also asked to identify ‘good practice’ and to make ‘recommendations’ in areas which need improvement. They may also make ‘affirmations’, in essence encouraging the provider to continue with steps already being taken to address an area for improvement.

There are no ‘judgements’ made on the theme but commentary is made in the Review Report.

The outcomes of the QAA Higher Education Review of Runshaw College were as follows.

In the 4 core areas they found that;

  • The maintenance of the academic standards of the awards offered on behalf of degree-awarding bodies meets UK expectations. (NB – providers can only meet or not – you can’t be ‘commended’ for academic standards)
  • The quality of student learning opportunities is commended
  • The quality of the provider’s information about learning opportunities meets UK expectations. (No other College has had a commended for this element either!)
  • The enhancement of student learning opportunities is commended

The Team also identified the following areas of good practice.

  • The thorough and effective way in which the College integrates its own practices with those of the awarding body
  • The systematic approach by course teams to support students in becoming independent learners
  • The strategic approach to enabling students to develop their academic potential through initiatives such as the Transition Strategy
  • The holistic approach to enabling students to develop employability skills
  • The focus on the development of student’s assessment literacy particularly as exemplified by the use of peer and self-assessment
  • The outward facing approach which enables staff at all levels to identify opportunities for enhancement and share them with colleagues
  • The shared focus of College staff on developing and implementing strategies of continuous improvement

The Team made no ‘recommendations’ or ‘affirmations’.

So what does this mean in relation to other providers. Well, of the 63 Colleges Reviewed by the QAA under this Higher Education Review  methodology (to August 2015) our outcomes would rank us in the top 5%.  Given that;

  • Only 3 (of 63) other colleges offering HE achieved 2 Commendations. All were for learning opportunities and enhancement. No college has had a commendation for ‘information’.
  • Of the 63 colleges only 2 others had, like us, no recommendations.
  • Of the 63 colleges only 3 others had more good practice cited – 8, as compared to our 7. (3 others had 7)

So we are sure that we can genuinely say that the Review Team found us to be ‘outstanding’ in anyone’s language!

The full Report can be found here.

Enrich & Enhance your studies

Runshaw College offers a range of enrichment activities for its university students, providing excellent opportunities to develop interests, extend skills, try new pursuits and enjoy a variety of leisure, recreational and intellectual activities.


The Runshaw Volunteering Programme offers a wide range of worthwhile volunteering opportunities. We aim to help students find a project that suits their individual requirements, so whatever your interests you can enjoy the experience of helping others whilst gaining work experience, building self-confidence, making new friends and having fun.

Investing in your future doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Runshaw tuition fees starts from £6,000 per year. Compare this to tuition fees of £7,000 and £9,000 at other colleges and universities, and you could be looking at savings of between £3,000 and £6,000 on the cost of a prestigious three year degree.