Last week our A Level Geology students embarked on an exciting journey to London for the finals of The Geological Society Schools’ Challenge.

Displaying their creativity and expertise during the competition heats, Team A delved into the dangers of geology with their captivating video on Petraphobia: The dangers of Geology, while Team B transported us to the possibilities of Mars colonization through a mesmerising stop-motion film. Now, the stage was set for them to showcase their problem-solving prowess!

Geology Competition_2
Team A: Elijah Cross, Nat Clayton-Summers, Emma Kerrane, Hannah Bithell

Their challenge? To strategically determine suitable locations for a new wind farm in the fictitious town of Quinnston. Negotiating the complexities of underlying rock formations, the presence of a national park, and the migratory patterns of local bird populations, all while adhering to budget constraints, the teams had their work cut out for them. With just two hours to brainstorm and refine their ideas, they then had a mere three minutes to present their comprehensive plans to the judges.

In a display of remarkable teamwork, both teams rose to the occasion, crafting meticulous proposals and fielding judges’ inquiries with confidence. Yet, it was Team B who truly left an indelible impression, earning themselves a well-deserved second-place finish for the second consecutive year!

Geology Competition_3
Team B: Milena Sanecka, Emily Curr, Emma McBretney, Jess Waite

The dedication and excellence exhibited by all participants not only made for a memorable day but also served as shining examples of our college’s ethos. Congratulations to every student involved for their outstanding performance and exemplary conduct – you have truly made us proud!

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