STEM Assured provides independent, industry-backed validation of the quality of our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics provision. Achieving STEM Assured status means that we have demonstrated:

  • our STEM provision is consistently of a high quality, and is aligned with current and anticipated industry workforce requirements for knowledge, skills and competencies
  • our provision offers a multi-disciplinary context to students to reflect real world needs and industrial settings and scenarios
  • our employability and related transferrable skills are embedded into the curriculum and reflect our students’ journeys
  • our commitment to continual improvement and innovation in our STEM related provision, to ensure that we keep pace with rapid advances in technology and changing jobs markets and profiles
  • we have clear engagement processes with employers and key stakeholders within our ecosystem.


STEM Clare Intro

Why STEM @ Runshaw?

“We are delighted that you are considering studying Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics at Runshaw College.
The college is a centre of excellence in the STEM field, both locally and nationally. We are proud to have been awarded the prestigious industry- backed STEM Assured accreditation, in recognition of our contributions.”


Clare Russell, Principal & CEO

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Working with Prestigious Employers

Students develop exceptional employability skills, and as a result they are highly sought after by prestigious universities and employers, going on to be extremely successful in their respective fields. Below are just some of the fantastic employers we work closely with to offer our students the best STEM future.

  • Andy Kettle Managing Director @ GA Petfoods

    The STEM sector offers a number of interesting and varied career paths. At GA Pet Food Partners you will find a local business that is on cutting edge of innovation within its field. Our pioneering of technologies such as Freshtrusion has combined the skills and expertise of people working across a number of functions including nutrition, production, procurement and engineering. This had led to the development of some of the most advanced pet food diets available on the market which are enjoyed by more than 750,000 cats and dogs every day.

    GA Food Partner


  • Jason Brown Engineering and Maintenance Manager @ Unifrax

    Every innovation or invention in the world has had input from a STEM professional, from the mobile phone we all carry around, through to the COVID-19 vaccine we are all likely to receive in the near future. It is these roles that allow our world to keep evolving and driving forward, enhancing the lives of one another. STEM revolutionises the world we live in, with each idea that is developed through to reality. Working in the STEM sector and within Engineering specifically, has proved to be both challenging and enjoyable as a career choice. No day is the same and there is always a new problem or issue to find a solution to. By successfully gaining qualifications throughout my career after leaving college and beginning an Apprenticeship, this path has opened up opportunities for me to travel and work worldwide on various projects, enhancing my skills and qualifications. progressively gaining more responsibility throughout my career. Most recently this allowed me to progress to my current position, as Head of Engineering for a Multi-Million pound manufacturing site which I can guarantee keeps me busy!

    Unifrax Logo

  • David Gibson @ Early Careers People Manager

    STEM subjects are really important no matter what career path you wish to take, as the skills are transferable and can be used in both STEM and non-STEM related roles. STEM is a growing industry and having STEM skills will open up to a lot more options and provide you with the relevant skills to pursue a successful career. Even though DXC is an IT company, we have lots of people who come from a variety of STEM backgrounds and the knowledge they have gained is desired for  a range of our roles, from Project Management to Software Development.”