Previous Runshaw student Mischa Sherrington-Bell shares her recent achievements in Fine Arts.

It’s always great to hear success stories from our past Fine Art students. Our students go on to study and work in a wide range of fields from Fine Art. Mischa Sherrington-Bell studied Fine Art at Runshaw from 2017-2019. She is passionate about the importance of Art in STEM education. Mischa’s Fine Art was one of the factors that helped her stand out from other applicants and gain a scholarship to study Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering at Leeds University. Her creative outlook also helped her secure an internship in China for Huawei as part of the course – the youngest student to achieve this offer. For her third year engineering project she is investigating connections between Art and Engineering designing and building an Animatronic figure showing how the inter relations of people are reflective in oneself. Mischa has shared a picture Leeds University took of her at university and one of her recent preliminary sketches for her third year project – Liza Gordon, Course Leader, A Level Fine Art.

Mischa Sherrigton-Bell added, “I studied Fine Art, Chemistry and Mathematics at Runshaw College and was awarded the Fine Arts Achievement Award.

I was successful in being offered a Scholarship position at the University of Leeds to study Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering Masters Degree. From studying A Level Art it has allowed me to have a creative and individualist outlook on my work and it has also allowed me to stand out with project work and with applying for internships, competing with other students. Last year I was successful, and the youngest student, to be given the opportunity to visit China with Huawei Technologies for a 4 week internship. This was a fabulous opportunity as not only did I learn about Technology and History but I also learned about the Arts and Culture of China.

I have now commenced my third year of studies and have an individual Engineering Project to complete and I have decided to incorporate Art into my Engineering Project, which my Lecturer is thrilled about this as in his words “it provides a unique insight on the issue of Mechatronics and Engineering”.

I am designing and building an Animatronic figure to demonstrate that Art and Engineering are not as dissimilar as one may first thing. My project will show how the inter relations of people are reflective in oneself.”

Fantastic achievements Mischa, we wish you continued success!

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