Hot on the heels of her incredible success at the Commonwealth games, Runshaw Alumni Anna Hopkin has been back in action again at the European Championships, securing a fantastic trio of medals in the pool!

In the Women’s 4x100m Freestyle, Anna and her team successfully retained their title from 2021. With her team in third place after the opening leg, Anna managed to make up one place, before handing over to her teammates, Lucy Hope, Medi Harris & Freya Anderson, who saw the race through to a first-place finish with a fantastic time of 3:36.47.

Gold Medal Women’s 4x100m Freestyle relay
Silver Medal Mixed 4x100m Freestyle relay
Bronze Medal Mixed 4x100m Medley
Anna Hopkin European Championships Gold Medal
Pictured: Freya Andersen, Medi Harris, Anna Hopkin, Lucy Hope

After the race, Anna said:

“Obviously we’re the defending champions from last year so a little bit of pressure on us and I think we dealt with it well and came out with the win so that was great. First gold of the meet so it’s good that the girls have done it and hopefully the boys can get one too.”

Anna Hopkin European Championships 2022
Pictured: Freya Anderson, Anna Hopkin, Matthew Richards, Tom Dean

In the Mixed 4x100m Freestyle finale, Anna’s team put in an impressive performance in an extraordinarily close race, finishing just half a second behind France and three tenths ahead of Italy who wound up in 4th place.

Here’s what Anna had to say:

“It was great to get on the podium, to get silver when it was so close between bronze and silver, it was amazing that Freya managed to get the touch. It’s always special to be on the podium, no matter what the times are or how we’re feeling, it really lifts us up.”

Anna Hopkin European Championships 2022 Bronze
Pictured: Anna Hopkin, Jacob Peters, James Wilby & Medi Harris celebrating their Bronze medal win in the Mixed 4x100m Medley Relay