Students from the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design have been producing some fantastic art work in groups in response to the work of artists whose work had conveyed a social message or campaign.

We have been really impressed by the students’ positive attitude towards jointly researching and making work together whilst in remote learning. Three of the students produced a set of work which was inspired by Grayson Perry and his Art Club which was on TV in the first lockdown. The students chose a colour theme and a subject matter (lockdown) to unite their 3 pieces of work which can be seen further down:

MaxMy piece is about how, whilst stuck at home, I find myself glorifying being stuck inside at the same time as fantasising about the outside world, represented through the scene outside the window and the collages objects such as the chandelier. It’s a collage piece which represented the piece well as it’s a collection of different pieces of my life alongside each other.

RobThis piece was inspired by the experiences I’ve had over the past year and how I came to be where I am now. When not in lockdown I spent a lot of time in cities and on trains but now during lockdown I can only see things like this from inside through a window.

TylerI wanted to shine a light on the importance of all NHS workers last year, I made the background that way to portray that they have been on the frontline during this pandemic. My personal experience with my piece is the infuriating face mask and glasses combo so that’s why I made the lenses of her glasses all steamy.

Fantastic work from Max, Rob and Tyler. You can find out more about our Art & Design courses at Runshaw by clicking here.