Susanna Sergison from the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design course has had her work selected in a competition for an exhibition to mark Holocaust Memorial day.

Here is what Susanna has said about her painting:

“This portrait of Simone Arnold- Liebster was influenced by the contemporary artists Agnes Toth and Cornè Eksteen. Although Simone survived the war, was reunited with her family, and lived to articulate her experiences as an author, her life was permanently altered by the persecution and brutality she witnessed as an “undesirable” during World War II. Indeed, I wished to depict Simone’s adult self as a vibrant reflection of her strength and remarkable character, though her childhood sufferance remains prevalent and continues to underpin her fundamental purpose and drive in life. Therefore, my portrait holds connotations of organic growth and personal flourishment whilst, in turn, signifying the erosion caused by persecution.”

Everyone in the Visual Arts department is very proud of Susanna’s creative integrity and the poignant painting she has created in response to the competition.

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