L3 Criminology Applied Diploma

From serial killers to the justice system, you'll study the act of crime in forensic detail. Level 3 Applied Diploma in Criminology is a two year course, which you can study alongside A Levels. Teachers are specialists and use a variety of teaching methods to engage students in the study of crime, deviance and society’s response to these.

  • Course Information
    • Course Code
    • Exam Board
    • Attendance Pattern
    • Course Level
      Level 3
    • Study Mode
      Full Time
    • Course Location
      Langdale Road, Leyland
    • Age Group
      School Leavers (16-18)
    • Course Duration
      2 years
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  • Overview

    The Course structure includes the following modules: Changing Awareness of Crime; Criminological Theories; Crime Scene to Courtroom; Crime and Punishment.

    You will also focus on:

    • Comparing criminal behaviour and deviance
    • Explaining the social construction of criminality
    • Describing biological, individualistic & sociological theories of criminality
    • Analysing situations of criminality & evaluating the effectiveness of criminological theories in explaining the causes of criminal behaviour
    • Assess the use of criminological theories in informing policy development and explaining how social changes affect policy

    During the first year you will study two units. Unit 1 looks at different types of crime and public perceptions of crime, gaining an understanding of why some crimes go unreported to the police and media. Unit 2 focuses on a series of criminological theories and will allow you to gain an understanding of why people commit crimes.

    During the second year of the course, you will foster a deeper understanding of the criminal justice system and develop the skills needed to examine criminal cases and review verdicts. Unit 3 looks at the roles of personnel and processes involved from the moment a crime takes place until the verdict itself is passed. In Unit 4, you will apply your knowledge of criminological theories to understand how and why we use punishment within the criminal justice system, and evaluate the effectiveness of social control agencies, such as the police and prisons, in achieving their aims.

    Course Highlights:

    Focused exam support, experienced teachers and academies.

  • Entry Requirements

    For our A Level programme our entry requirements are a minimum of 5x Grade 5, and to study our Criminology course we will also require at least a 5 in English GCSE.

  • Progression Pathway

    A vast range of enrichment opportunities also await you, including Horizons Academies, trips as well as a variety of guest lecturers from universities and the professional world, all of which are designed to encourage exploration of topics other than those studied on the course, and further develop knowledge and skills to support your university application and chosen career progression.

  • Programme Specification

    Why Criminology at Runshaw?

    • Fascinating real life crime case studies
    • Understand how the Police use Criminologists to help solve crimes
    • Links to lots of careers
    • Amazing enrichment opportunities