A Level Mathematics

Pure Maths + Statistics + Mechanics = Qualification. A Level Mathematics is a two year course which will give you the opportunity to study Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. Students who enjoy and successfully complete this subject typically progress onto a wide range of degree courses at university.

  • Course Information
    • Course Code
    • Exam Board
    • Attendance Pattern
    • Course Level
      Level 3
    • Study Mode
      Full Time
    • Course Location
      Langdale Road, Leyland
    • Age Group
      School Leavers (16-18)
    • Course Duration
      2 years
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  • Overview

    Mathematics is a fascinating and rewarding area of study and at Runshaw each student works in an atmosphere that is both challenging and supportive.

    Mathematics is the most popular subject at Runshaw and complements studies in many areas such as the sciences, finance, economics, computer studies and engineering. Recent research suggests that people with A Level Mathematics can earn 10% more than colleagues with similar qualifications. The problem-solving nature of A Level Mathematics makes it a much sought-after entry qualification for a wide variety of university courses and careers.

    Teachers in the School of Mathematics use a range of collaborative learning methods where students are encouraged to discuss concepts and problems. Lessons are presented in a variety of interesting ways and often include quizzes, puzzles, interactive computer packages and matching activities to name but a few.

    Maths Department 2022

    As a Mathematics student, you will be able to access our many enrichment activities, such as:

    • Maths Academy
    • Maths challenges and quizzes
    • prestigious university entrance programme

    The core of the subject is Pure Mathematics which takes the basic mathematics you have done at GCSE, particularly algebra, graphs and trigonometry, and extends them to form the basic ‘tool kit’ on which all mathematics is based.

    Calculus, the mathematics of growth and change, on which so many applications depend, is also developed.

    You will also study two areas of applied mathematics: Mechanics and Statistics. Mechanics is the study of forces and the movement of objects and has many applications in the sciences, particularly physics and engineering. Statistics is the mathematics of data or information processing and extends many ideas including averages, standard deviation and probability, that most students discovered at GCSE.

    Course Highlights:

    Maths Academy, exam preparation classes, trips and visits


  • Entry Requirements

    For our A Level programme our entry requirements are a minimum of 5x Grade 5.

    *Please note that A Level English requires a Level 6 in GCSE English

    *Please note that A Level Maths requires a Level 6 in GCSE Maths

    *Please note that A Level Biology requires a Level 5 in GCSE Maths and a Level 6 in GCSE Science.

    *Please note that A Level Chemistry, Physics and Geology require a Level 6 in GCSE Maths and Science.

  • How will I be assessed?

    100% written examination.

  • Progression Pathway

    Mathematics is a key component of many jobs and degree courses, from genetics and geography to economics, finance, accounting and computing. Recent research suggests that people with A Level Mathematics can earn 10% more than colleagues with similar qualifications. Runshaw students have gone to a wide range of UK universities to study this subject.

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