Our Police Horizons students have had a fantastic visit from Detective Inspector (DI) Richardson.

The 77 students who attended watched CCTV footage of a Post Office robbery. The perpetrator had a firearm and used chloroform to incapacitate the owner, they took large amounts of cash, stamps, and other items.
Students were asked to identify what the role of a detective would be in this crime. After the discussion, DI Richardson delivered a powerpoint explaining his role in this crime.
He showed entry and exit routes, and evidence that was found in a nearby garden which helped police to identify the suspect through forensics, and telephony records which all helped towards building the case for court. The crime turned out to be a planned robbery in which the owner was involved. The students found this session very interesting, DI Richardson was inspirational and a credit to Lancashire Police. This was particularly useful for students studying Unit 3: Crime Scene to Court Room and Unit 15: Police Powers & the Law.
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