Our Medical Society recently took part in the ‘Doctor for a Day’ event at Royal Preston Hospital.

Students completed a number of activities to help a patient, Rebecca, after she was hit by a car. The students first learned to take a full primary assessment of the patient, including checking their airway, breathing, circulation, disability and exposure. Using this information, they were then asked to carry out a number of clinical examinations including venepuncture, and taking a manual blood pressure. The students were then able to look at X-rays of the patient to diagnose her chest injuries and understand the criteria of a good x-ray.

It was also great to see some of our ex- Runshaw students, Ciara McNally, Rachel Henderson and Decland Court, who were all members of our Medical Society three years ago and now helping run these sessions as medical students at the University of Manchester.

Doctor for a Day!Doctor for a Day!Doctor for a Day!

Doctor for a Day!Doctor for a Day!