Members of the Runshaw Eco Society go green and get stuck in!

Our Eco Society students were recently given a presentation by Sue Green, an employee of the Woodland Trust, concerning the importance of trees and their roles in society. Plant life is amongst our greatest defences against the climate crisis, and a single forest produces over 20% of the oxygen in our atmosphere, removing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. In addition, scientific studies have shown that simply living near trees improves your health and wellbeing.

In order to help combat the current rate of deforestation, the Woodland Trust kindly gave the college 100 whips (tree saplings around 1m tall), consisting of an equal mix of oak, wild cherry, rowan and dogwood; all deciduous trees that are native to the UK. These were planted in the area behind the sports pitches near the Dalehead building, in order to expand the pre-existing forest. This will help improve the local biodiversity by providing a larger habitat for British wildlife in an otherwise unused area of the campus.

Further tree plantings will be taking place in the future, with areas including the Hawkshead car park slated to be afforested. We are urging students to join in – Runshaw Eco Society meets every Thursday lunchtime in G006. New members are welcome!

Article: Max Wylder, Runshaw Student

Tree Planting ProjectTree Planting ProjectTree Planting ProjectTree Planting Project

Tree Planting ProjectTree Planting Project