Runshaw’s Employer Partnership Board

On Monday 24th April we held our first Employer Masterclass session, with speakers from a variety of organisations presenting on topics that impact business.

The session was attended by our existing Employer Partnership Board members, who give up their time to support the college in a number of ways. The session was our opportunity to ‘give back’ to those valued employer partners.

Our speakers presented on key topics, including:

Sustainability – How green is your workplace? Steps to making and maintaining a sustainable workplace: AMRC – Iain D. Martin

Employment Law – What to be aware of – current trends and issues!: Forbes Solicitors – James Barron & Andrew Halpin

Recruitment – How to streamline your recruitment process: Red Tiger Talent – Steve Halsall

Support for Businesses – Support to help you manage and grow your business: BOOST – Sue Denver

Cyber Security – Protecting you and your organisation – Steps we have taken to protect the college: Runshaw College – James Harris

Cyber Security – Developing cyber security measures, Identifying and mitigating risks: AMRC – Varsha Chitlur

Support for businesses in SRBC – SRBC Economic Plan and Skills Factory: South Ribble Borough Council – Jennifer Clough

The sessions were certainly thought provoking. At the end of the event, employers used the opportunity to network. Hopefully new connections will result in positive outcomes for our employer partners!

What is the Employer Partnership Board?

We have several Employer Partnership Boards at the college, who we meet with in sector groups, on a quarterly basis to discuss & review:

  • Key Industry Information
  • Future demand & skills shortages
  • Our curriculum & programmes: 16-18 College, Adult College & Apprenticeships
  • Curriculum intent & proposed changes from findings

In addition to the EPBs, we partner with employers in a number of ways, you can find out more by clicking here.