This week our first year French students enjoyed a presentation on “Le atrimoine français” (French Heritage) by Cyrille Rollet from Lancaster University.

Having studied the topic of Heritage in the francophone world over the past month, our students were able to reuse the vocabulary and knowledge they had acquired to interact with Cyrille and with each other in French. Cyrille also made them discover less well-known cultural heritage and history of France, a knowledge which will help them stand out and perform better in their oral examinations.

Cyrille recently visited Runshaw as part of the European Day of Languages, giving a series of talks on the importance of studying languages.

Un grand merci to Cyrille for this wonderful learning experience!

Studying a language at Runshaw is both challenging and satisfying and requires a high level of student commitment; however, the rewards are immense and will equip you with a range of transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, research skills and creativity. Find out more by clicking below.

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