Annually, the Royal Academy, London holds its ‘Young Artists Summer show’. Over 17,000 entries have been submitted from around the country and judges have now made their final selection of artworks which will be exhibited both online and onsite at the Royal Academy in the Autumn term.

We are very excited to hear that Max Kenny’s piece ‘Not forgotten, a tribute from Chatsworth’ has been selected for this exhibition. Max, currently in year 2 of UAL Extended Diploma in Art & Design, created his work in response to a visit to Chatworth House, Derbyshire.

Max tells us, ‘It has been designed to celebrate people who throughout its history have silently contributed to the upkeep and beauty of the house and to recognise their hard work, dedication and service. While researching Chatsworth, its people and history I was aware that much of the art work on display pays homage to the Devonshire family and ancestry and I wanted to redress this with a contemporary bust on a plinth. To do this, I sculpted a self-portrait bust in clay and decorated the plinth with a collage of influential figures, artworks and objects I viewed during my visit. The plinth supports the head in recognition of their contribution. Overall, I hope to promote the strong relationships between family and workers that are necessary to make Chatsworth one of the most beautiful homes in the country.’

Amanda Lavery, Max’s teacher, says ‘I am so proud that Max’s work has been selected for this prestigious exhibition; he is a very creative and hard working student and deserves this recognition. It’s very exciting!’

Many thanks to Kate Hiscock and Amanda Lavery who have taught Max the ceramics and fine art skills needed for this piece. Congratulations Max, we can’t wait to see your work at the Royal Academy!
Young Artists' Competition