Runshaw Media Make-Up students have been ‘spooktacular’ in their innovative and creative designs for their Halloween shoot. Level 2 and 3 students were given the task of creating a character fit for Halloween. Not only do the students have to create a realistic spooky look, but they have to develop their entire design from research to mood boards as well as creating customised latex body parts.

This year’s students went the extra mile creating some of the most horrifying and realistic characters to date. We have had everything from skeletons to mermaids and even a horror character based on the series American Horror Story where the student made a face cast from her model and produced a skin mask to replicate the killer within the series.

Louise Bramwell course Leader explains: “We are in a lucky position that the course is going from strength to strength, we have had a massive surge of students and they are all really working to high levels. The creativity these students have is unbelievable and that has been shown very clearly through the photoshoots we have had this past week.”

The horror work doesn’t end there for these creative students. They will over the next few weeks be working closely with students from both catering and performing arts to create a ‘Fright Night Extravaganza’ that will see members of the public enjoying a meal at the college restaurant Foxholes. There will be lots of Tricks and Treats involved for the diners and is definitely going to be an event to look forward to. We work in collaboration with other departments within the college, the performing arts students who will be performing the thriller dance, along with the media students who are filming the event and of course the catering students who will be dressed up as zombies to serve and entertain the guests.