This week over 80 of our Public Services students have been lucky enough to meet 9 of our frontline public servants as well as university lecturers.

This has been a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about different roles within the services in addition to entry routes for their chosen service. It has also broadened the horizons of many who were unsure of their next steps after college. Speakers have ranged from Paramedics, Army Corporal, RAF Sergeant, Police Cybercrime Officer, UCLan Paramedics Degree, Fire and Rescue Service, UCLan Policing Degree, The JJ Effect and Traffic Collisions Investigators. Thank you to all involved!

Our Police Horizons Academy provides knowledge on key legislation with the opportunity to gain practical skills via role plays covering lawful stop and searches and carrying out lawful arrests. Students also investigate case studies to give them some background knowledge into the history of policing. They will learn about the recruitment process and what will be expected, with the opportunity to practice the fitness test that is required to pass upon entry into the police. More information can be found in our Horizons booklet below.

Horizons Brochure