Two former students recently visited Runshaw to give a series of talks to our current language students.

Sam and Becca spent the day with our students.

Sam Riley and Becca Foley both studied MFL at Runshaw and came back to visit us to give an overview of life after college. They talked about their experiences studying at Manchester University, their year abroad in Barcelona and their English Language Assistantship in Lüneburg. They were also on hand to give advice on exams, revision tips and job opportunities.

A big thanks to Sam and Becca for coming in, our students found the talks very interesting – their feedback can be viewed below.

Studying a language at Runshaw is both challenging and satisfying and requires a high level of student commitment; however, the rewards are immense and will equip you with a range of transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, research skills and creativity.

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Fantastic talk, very helpful and informative! Thank you!

I feel more motivated to continue with languages.

It was very insightful as to what a language degree would be like to study at university. It was good to hear from people actually doing it and getting their opinions on it.

The talk gave me all the information about jobs I can get into. It made me excited!

Extremely informative talk that left no stone unturned.

The talk was very informative and very detailed. They taught us about not only the content of the courses but the opportunities provided to you when you have a language to offer employers.

Was very insightful, inspired me to look into languages at degree level. Years abroad seem super fun and helpful/useful. Really nice presentation, thank you!

I feel inspired to study modern languages now and develop my skill set in a foreign country.

I feel more confident to go on a year abroad and it makes me want to go to university more. It was very informative and now I want to consider Manchester as an option for university.