Runshaw Maths students have recently celebrated success in the UKSMC.

14 gifted mathematicians achieved the prestigious gold award this year in the UKSMC event. The students had to answer a series of problem solving questions gaining marks for a correct answer but also losing marks for an incorrect answer. They then went on to compete in the Senior Kangaroo Challenge with great success.

The students had a celebration lunch with Principal Clare Russell and Deputy Principal Zoe Smallman in recognition of their achievements. Clare added, “It was my privilege and joy to have lunch with the winners of the Maths Challenge this week. These incredible young people expressed their passion and dedication to their studies of Mathematics, and I am confident that they will achieve their dreams of further study at the most prestigious destinations.  They made me very proud!”.

Well done to Freja Orritt, Myles Hayhurst, Charlotte Chan-Wenske, Louise Stephenson, Abayode Junaid, Alex Corbett, Kris Sens, Lucas Orritt, Marc Thompson, Matthew Mather and Jasmine De Goede (pictured below).

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UK Senior Maths Challenge 2022
Our UKSMC winners with Principal Clare Russell and Deputy Principal Zoe Smallman