Over 150 students took part in the UK Senior Maths Challenge which took place in the first week of October.

There were a feast of awards this year with 11 students achieving a gold award, 37 a silver award and 55 a bronze award. The students had to answer a series of problem solving questions gaining marks for correct answers but also losing marks for an incorrect answer. Several of our students secured their place in the next round with 11 students going on to compete in the Senior Kangaroo Challenge that took place in November. Congratulations to all our winners!

Runshaw’s highly popular Maths Academy ensures that our students have a range of opportunities to be involved in many areas of academic challenge and enrichment beyond the regular curriculum and classroom environment. In addition, students have the chance to enhance key employability skills such as interpersonal, communication and time management skills through our peer mentoring programme; offering much valued support to less confident maths students within college. Peer mentoring is a rewarding experience which also further embeds the mentors’ understanding of A Level Mathematics.

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