Year 1 Geography students attended a fantastic inspirational talk from the founding director of Red Tiger Consulting.

The talk, by founding director Steve Halsall, outlined some of the ways student can leverage their geographic and numeracy skills in a career in geographic analysis.

In particular, the talk covered the following aspects:

  • Commercial applications of geographic analysis
  • What skills are required for a career in geographic analysis
  • Types of companies that need these geographic skills
  • Earning potential for a career in geographic analysis

Steve’s experience in the field was invaluable, as a GIS professional, qualified life and business coach as well as a recruiter.

The delivery of the talk was engaging and informative, and provided a great insight into where the skills developed in geography can be applied within businesses. Steve was open to offering further advice regarding careers and preparation for university, which students found beneficial during a question-and-answer session at the end. Steve also provided some chocolates for the students who attended which were greatly appreciated by all!

Red Tiger Steve Halsall
Steve talks to our Geography students about a career in geographic analysis.