Studio22 @ Runshaw LogoDo you have a creative problem that our students could help you solve? Maybe you are organising an event or know a business/organisation that needs some creative input.

We are excited to launch ‘ Studio22 ’ at Runshaw College; A Graphic Design studio where students work on real-life design projects, alongside a ‘client’, experiencing the world of work. A live brief is an opportunity to present our students with a real-world design task and for them to generate fresh solutions or ideas that can benefit a company, individual or organisation. Our Graphics students have a huge amount of creativity and enthusiasm to offer, will respond to feedback and complete work within the requested timeframe. 

How does a business/organisation benefit?  

Businesses will benefit from our students’ hard work, motivation, problem solving and objective thinking. Our students use industry-standard design software to create professional design solutions – at no cost to yourselves! Live briefs can also help raise awareness of a company profile and connect them to future employable talent. 

How do our students benefit?  

In return, our students hugely benefit from learning to handle a real brief from a real client, preparing them better for the world of work! Students receive an insight into how their learning is directly linked to relevant professional practice, giving them an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to a relevant Graphic Design task. Live briefs form part of our students’ compulsory learning. 

How to get involved

You specify an activity, project, task or competition based on your needs and expectations, we then agree deliverables that students present to you. Live Briefs span a wide range of subjects, from creative design, computing, construction, charity organisations, to psychology, law and finance, life sciences and many more. They can take many forms – these are just a few examples: 

  • A series of social media advertisements to raise the profile of a company. 
  • A promotional campaign for a fundraising event. 
  • The creation of a new company logo and branding.  
  • Creating and editing a company newsletter. 
  • A company marketing brochure. 
  • Posters and flyers to promote a new product or service.  
  • Bespoke illustrations to display in the company reception area. 
  • An infographic design/diagram to illustrate a company process.  

All live brief proposals are welcome and will go ahead if they can be suitably incorporated into our students’ course commitments. To submit a brief please ensure you provide as much information as possible, including your full contact details and timescale/deadline for completion of work. Please request our  Expression of interest form, complete in detail and email to

At Runshaw College we aim to develop our students’ skills, knowledge and interpersonal skills to better prepare them for their future careers, as well as developing closer partnerships with businesses and the local community. An organization’s commitment and time is very valuable to us –  it’s all we ask of them, as there is no financial cost for a live brief.  

Interested? Curious? Already have a brief? Then get in touch using the above email with any questions or ideas. 

Studio22 @ Runshaw Studio22 @ Runshaw

Studio22 @ Runshaw