To mark the start of LGBTQ+ History Awareness month, Sinead and Sarah, our Student Liaison Officers, have set up stands around college for both educational and entertainment purposes.

The stands are located in the student entrance, Eskdale building and Dalehead restaurant, and will be displayed throughout February. They have both historical and contemporary information on LGBTQ+, identifying and explaining key events, people and terminology relating to the LGBTQ+ community, as well as some information about supporting the community and becoming an ally.

During the first week of February, our SLOs set up a photobooth with props alongside a temporary tattoo stand and handed out pin badges, stickers and mental health leaflets relating specifically to the LGBTQ+ community. This was a great success with a total of 200 pin badges, 300+ tattoos, 500+ stickers and 50 information leaflets handed out.

To mark the end of LGBTQ+ History Awareness month our SLOs are planning a small celebration in the student entrance on Monday 28th February. We are asking both staff and students to bring their chosen flags and to WAVE THEM WITH PRIDE to show support and help raise awareness. Please keep your eyes peeled for posters around the college with more info.