Runshaw Art and Design student Aimee Lakin has earned a place at the highly distinguished Jimmy Choo Academy in London. 

Aimee Lakin PhotoHowever, in order to attend the academy, Aimee must now find a way to fund the £18,000 per year tuition fees, which unfortunately do not fall under the traditional Student Loan scheme that most students use to fund their place at university.

Aimee has been raising money by working extra shifts as a waitress, buying and selling clothes for profit and through her GoFundMe fundraising campaign. 

With less than 100 places on offer at the academy, earning a place is in itself a remarkable achievement.

“I’m really excited to attend JCA, on the Fashion: Design, branding and entrepreneurship course as I think the progressions from the course into employment will open massive doors for me. I also can’t wait to learn how to design garments and sell them through my own company from industry successors.” – Aimee Lakin 

We would like to congratulate Aimee on this incredible success and wish her all the best with her fundraising campaign.

If you would like to donate to Aimee’s campaign, click here

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