Current Runshaw student Anna Staal has started her own business, SevenYays, based on Advent Calendars for birthdays.

Anna Staal, who is in Year 1 and currently studying Economics, History and Religious Studies, realised a lot of lockdown was spent looking forward to and counting the days to an event in the future. And so the talented teenager came up with a novel idea – Advent Calendars for birthdays.

SevenYays officially launched last month after the idea and production took shape during last year’s national lockdowns. The new personalised gifting service allows users to create customised countdown calendars for birthdays and other occasions for friends and family, while there are several ready-made boxes with themes including gin, wellbeing, and celebration, as well as wellbeing products, high-quality beauty items, sleep masks, socks, books, and tech items, which are sourced from smaller, independent British businesses where possible.

Customers choose six small, high-quality gifts and one larger gift – the Seventh Yay – plus a card with a personalised message online. The boxes are sent to the recipient in time for the countdown to their special occasion.

Well done Anna, a wonderful idea – you can read the full story on the Manchester Evening News Arena website here.

Photo: Kenny Clay Photography

Anna Staal