Today the School of Science celebrated the achievements of our Chemistry and Biology students.

Since the start of the Autumn term, students studying Biology and Chemistry – and those on our Science and Medical Societies – have been taking part in science competitions over the last few months. Congratulations to our Chemistry analyst competition winners who achieved scores of 14 out of 15 on their practical tests, a wonderful achievement!

Our Medical Society group also organised and managed a cake sale in the student entrance to fundraise for Guide Dogs UK towards their “Name a puppy” campaign. They were able to raise £67 for this brilliant cause. Biology course teacher Katie Green, Med Soc Course Leader Fran Ashton and Assistant Principal Vanessa Harwood (pictured with our students) were all proud to hand over their certificates and celebrate with our students.

Our renowned Science Academy encompasses a range of extra-curricular activities for prospective scientists across all of the scientific areas. The academy comprises of the college Medical Society, Science Society and Oxbridge classes, all of which provide our students with outstanding opportunities to achieve places to study upon these prestigious courses within higher education. The societies provide our science students with the opportunity to work effectively both in teams and within independent settings, giving them additional chances to enhance their subject knowledge and gain experiences that will enable them to shine in their future career and endlessly boost their employability.

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