We have lots of Apprenticeship success stories here at Runshaw, where our students have worked for many extremely supportive companies.

S&S Northern is just one of the companies that have supported several of our students including Cameron Murphy, Ben Tatlock and George Dobson. The company believes strongly in providing opportunities and professional development to young people.

We got the opportunity to interview Cameron and Steve about Cameron’s time at S&S Northern. Read this below:

Cameron, what training have you been completing whilst doing your 20% off the job training?
Cameron: “In the past we’ve done training courses, been job shadowing some of our sales reps, we also went to Leeds on Tuesday and we did an exhibition in Birmingham at the start of the year too. My main aspiration is to move onto sales.”

Steve, how do you feel Cameron is doing?
Steve: “I think he’s done very well, we saw potential in him before we hired him as an apprentice. I think it’s very important that you get the right training too, we are delighted with Runshaw the way they have been guiding him in the right direction.

Cameron’s the fourth apprentice we have taken on and we are very particular in giving them the training they need. People say aren’t you really good bringing apprentices on, but actually they bring so much to the company anyway. The idea that the employers are doing a great favour to the apprentices, well that’s all one-sided because they do bring a lot to the business as well.

As an individual and as a company, I don’t understand the fact more people don’t get behind the apprenticeship schemes. Not only is it good for the apprentice but we as a company owe a lot of our success to the energy and fresh ideas that the apprentices have brought to S&S Northern.”

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