Runshaw’s STEM Assured status has been achieved for the next three years.

We are delighted to announce that, after a lengthy application process and a detailed validation event involving staff, students and employers across Maths, Science, Engineering, Health Care and Childhood Studies, Digital Technologies and Music Media and Performing Arts, we have achieved a renewal of our STEM Assured status for another 3 years!

Proud to be a STEM provider

Launched in 2010, STEM Assured is the only standard that provides independent, industry-backed validation of the quality of an institution’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics provision. Achieving STEM Assured status means that we have demonstrated:

  • our STEM provision is consistently of a high quality, and is aligned with current and anticipated industry workforce requirements for knowledge, skills and competencies
  • our provision offers a multi-disciplinary context to students to reflect real world needs and industrial settings and scenarios
  • our employability and related transferrable skills are embedded into the curriculum and reflect our students’ journeys
  • our commitment to continual improvement and innovation in our STEM related provision, to ensure that we keep pace with rapid advances in technology and changing jobs markets and profiles
  • we have clear engagement processes with employers and key stakeholders within our ecosystem.

A huge well done and thank you to everyone involved. To view our STEM provision, click here.