Congratulations to our Physics students, who have once again stretched their ability to solve problems, including the investigation of surface tension and the modelling of gamma ray bursts form the edge of the known Universe.


Awarded to Aron Shatwell, Joe Gater, George Sohor, Charlotte Watson, Jody Wilson (pictured)


Aron, Joe, George, Charlotte and Jody have been awarded a place on the OxNet Science programme – a prestigious and competitive program which explores how mathematical modelling and data processing underpins a wide range of scientific disciplines, including engineering and physics. The programme draws on the world-class research and expertise of academics at the University of Oxford to provide participants with an insight into what it is like to study a STEM subject at undergraduate-level. The programme is broad in focus, covering not only academic scientific and mathematic content, but also focusing on the skills that are required at this level such as coding, researching, and an awareness of ethical issues.

The students have written an essay about a range of mathematical models used in science including chaos theory, vacuum theory and the modelling of gamma ray bursts form the edge of the known Universe.

Science Society Photo Competition

Awarded to Ruby Brown and Bella Moore, Jasmine de Goede, Charlotte Watson and Fatima Abbas

These students are the winners of the highly competitive Science Society photo competition – the students took photos of their work in Science Society this term in order to win a coveted Science society hoodie!

Their work has shown great creativity and showcases the variety of projects that have taken place in each of the Sciences in the Winter term – in physics, the students researched and built telescopes and microscopes; in Biology they investigated their blood group and blood pressure; in Chemistry, surface tension was investigated whilst CSI Cretaceaous took place in Geology. The students will undertake longer projects towards their Crest Award in the spring term.

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining Sixth Form Materials Competition

Awarded to Amy Norcross, Rami Alshaar, Ben Lingard

Amy, Rami and Ben have undertaken research into the applications of materials into an area of their choice in order to receive this award.

British Physics Olympiad

Awarded to Toby Holmes, James Robertson, Ryan Cove Burrell, Ben Procter, Lara Taylor, Hannah Bethwaite

Toby, James, Ryan, Ben, Lara and Hannah have completed the Challenge Paper of the British Physics Olympiad.

Congratulations to all these excellent and ambitious physics students!