Body art designs Body art designs Body art designs Body art designs

Body art designs Body art designs Body art designs

It’s that time of year again!

Runshaw College students have been working on their final body art designs for their end of year assessments. They were required to research a design which was of interest to them and what matched their painting skills. The design was open to interpretation and inspiration. The themes were – Zodiac signs, nature, elements, super heroes, scenery and characters.

Course tutor Louise Bramwell added, “We have had an amazing year with these creative students, some of their designs and skill in body paint is outstanding. One student wants to pursue tattooing as a career and did free hand art work of a tattoo on the arm. She is so talented and will do well within the industry”.

Most of our students are returning next year to do their second year in Theatrical, Hair & Media Make-up Level 3, which will involve more body art but more advanced work covering the whole body. Students will be qualified in face painting and can set up their own individual businesses such as children’s parties, working at festivals and working for major fashion brands. Body art is the new up and coming trend and is featuring more in the advertising of make-up brands and clothing.

All the staff are really looking forward to the new intake of students for the September term and we have plenty of opportunities for students to enter into body art competitions whilst at college – the department is proud to have won many body art awards at regional competitions.