T Level Civil Engineering Year 1 students were invited to visit the Department for Work and Pensions new offices in Blackpool on Thursday 29th February 2024 that forms Phase 3 of the Talbot Gateway.

Runshaw College teamed up with VINCI , Alan Johnston Partnership and Constructive Futures for an amazing full day on site with Project Management, Structural Engineers, Planners, Apprentice Design Managers and Quantity Surveyors.

Students started at roof level and talked about the roof drainage design using state of the art actuation systems. We then moved down through the levels talking about intumescent painting of the Westok cellular large span beams and how the many services would run through this and allow for a high floor to ceiling space.
Industry professionals also talked about the terracotta facade and the state of the art ultra high performance concrete which the facade was tied into. This then opened a conversation about wind loads and how this system allows a balance of horizontal and vertical loading.

The students were also shown the core shuttering of the building and how the lift shafts were produced through casting in situ. This then led to a discussion surrounding front and back of house design and the use of blockwork, blockwork ties and strapping to lower level columns.

Finally we heard from Alan Johnston Partnership and VINCI about their journeys into the AEC industry, their normal working day, qualifications and what recommendations they would make to our students.