Runshaw College is proud to have signed up to the AOC Mental Health Charter.

The Mental Health Charter recognises that as a college we have a responsibility to create an environment that promotes student and staff wellbeing and that proactively supports student and staff mental health.

Simon Partington is delighted, adding, “As Principal of Runshaw College I recognise that college has a responsibility to create an environment that actively supports and promotes the mental health and wellbeing of all staff and students and therefore I am delighted to sign the Association of Colleges (AOC) Mental Health Charter. College already offers a confidential counselling services free of charge for both staff and students, and all staff undertake training on Mental Health Awareness. We also offer numerous wellbeing activities  to promote positive mental health. We want all students to be happy and fulfilled whilst achieving their dreams and ambitions and this is just one element of the outstanding support and care you will receive whilst studying at Runshaw”.

In order to do this we will:

• Ensure that wellbeing and mental health work is led by a senior manager supported by a member of staff with particular responsibility for mental health

• Have a wellbeing and mental health policy accompanied by a clear implementation action plan which is monitored regularly and reviewed annually

• Create an open and inclusive college ethos which includes respect for those with mental ill health

• Promote equality of opportunity and challenge mental health stigma through curriculum teaching and also promote wellbeing through tutorial programmes

• Provide appropriate mental health training for staff

• Encourage and collect student views on mental health and wellbeing by working with the Students’ Union and other student representative bodies

• Ensure a consistent and positive approach to staff wellbeing

• Provide targeted individual mental health support where appropriate or alternatively signpost to external support services

• Provide relevant information to parents and carers

• Establish effective links with local health and voluntary sector mental health groups

• Promote the benefit that physical activity and sport has on mental wellbeing