A new logo for Runshaw Chef School’s Blue Room has now been chosen – based on a design by current Runshaw student Jacob Wright.

Head of School for Tourism, Chef and Foundation Studies Jenny Cruickshanks asked the Year 2 Vocational Graphic Design students to produce a new logo for The Blue Room, formerly Foxholes. The students had a week to work on the live brief and present some ideas to the team anonymously.

Jenny unknowingly selected Jacob Wright’s design. It turns out that Jacob was previously a student of Jenny’s from the Level 1 Catering course. He had a passion for design and creativity and then progressed to Level 2 Art and Design. Next, Jacob started the Level 3 Graphic Design course and is now in his second year and is doing fabulous! Now, Jacob’s logo has been selected to represent The Blue Room, which is special to him as it’s where he started his journey at Runshaw. Jacob liaised with Jenny last week to make the final amendments to the logo, and it is now ready to be used.

Well done Jacob! You can click here to view our Art & Design and Graphic Design courses we have on offer at Runshaw.